The St. Charles Public School Foundation, run by a voluntary Board of Directors, is a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) corporation.  The foundation raises money through grants, earmark donations, commemorative donations, and events.  Contributions to the foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The foundation provides grant opportunities to teachers for programs, books, activities ,and children’s needs, which have a direct impact in the classroom.  We aim to ensure that every teacher and student has the tools he or she needs to succeed -- in school and in life.  If they succeed…we succeed:

          Our Students

                 Our Schools

                        Our Community

                               Our Future

About us  . . .

Our mission is to enhance public education by funding and supporting teachers’ high quality initiatives; therefore, directly impacting our children’s’ education and our community’s future.

Our vision is to become the premier non-profit
organization supporting public education in St. Charles Parish.


St. Charles Public Schools Foundation, an independent, nonprofit corporation governed by a voluntary board of directors comprised of business, industry, and community leaders, along with retired educators.  The Articles of Incorporation, filed on July 11, 2007, is based upon the philosophy that public education can be endowed through a broad-based system of community support, thus providing another avenue for enhancing and augmenting educational opportunities for students and teachers in St. Charles Parish Public Schools.  




St. Charles Public Schools Foundation, Inc.


The St. Charles Public Schools Foundation has been designated as a United Way Partner Agency.  Please contribute to the United Way and note the St. Charles Public Schools Foundation as the recipient.   That will give our foundation the opportunity to support: Our Students...Our Schools...Our Community...Our Future.